Publix – A Great Shopping experience

The Recent visit to the Publix website was a pleasant online event for me. I  had  the ability to create an online shopping list. The digital coupon sign was quick and easy.  I was able to view my coupons within an hour or two. They are true cost cutting to my shopping. The recipes were readable and easy to follow. It will make their preparation a breeze in my kitchen. The green font immediately caught my eye. As my followers know, green is my favorite color. Publix has an interactive and user-friendly site. The web designer who created this website did a flawless job.


Humor And Good Friends Are Good Medicine For The Heart

In our busy lives, we have to slow down some times to regroup. We find ourselves in these times. A funny movie or a eating out with friends. The freedom from responsibilities and obligations reconnecting with people and making new friends. It has to be done to remain sane in life. We get our natural energy back doing these two things. So take the time today, you call a Friend or just laugh til you cry watching a funny film.


Giving Glass a Second Life

Glass is man-made product. It has shown it versatility for years. It can go from wine bottle to planter to drinking glass. It is a recycled and reused every day.  I found an interesting link to share with my followers. I have been away from my  blog for a while. So check out this video and tell me what you think. I will appreciate all comments and tell how you up cycle. 


Words From The Kitchen Pharmacist

The seasons change from summer to fall bringing more than falling leaves. It brings respiratory issues in the form of cold and sinus.  People running to the drug store for a quick fix over the counter remedy.  The following home remedy will help ease the misery.  A constant cough plaguing you.  Checkout this remedy:

Ingredients:      1/2 cup of water

2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

3 pieces of  peppermint

2 teaspoons of  Raw Honey

 Preparation:         Boil 1/2 cup of water

Add Apple cider Vinegar

Drop 3 Peppermints into pot

Add  Raw Honey

Drink while hot and should cut through chest congestion

  For a Headache:   1/2 a glass of water mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of Tumeric .

It will alleviate  a headache in  5 to 10 minutes. ( buy the Tumeric from

your local health food store.)

                          Drink      up      to     health


A Goodnights Sleep: The Insomniacs Dream

The body needs rest to function through the day. I have a few helpful hints for my sleepless friends. A set bedtime to go to sleep. The lights should be off  and  television volume  set to low. You can listen to calming nature sounds to help drift off to sleep. I have made up the bed and stayed up til 8 at night. I did fall asleep for a good four hours. Chamomile tea before bed can sometimes do the trick. Reading a book until sleepy has helped at times. Sleep is a necessity. I have tried many ways to sleep. These simple tips have benefited me once or twice. It may help someone get to sleep tonight or should I say this morning.


Meal Planning Save Time And Money

The meal plan is time-saving and cuts food cost. It gives you a road map to follow in the grocery store. You can plan for a week or two weeks of meals. You only buy the necessities to prepare the pre-planned meals. They can be interchangeable. It removes the stress of trying to prepare a meal on the fly. You already have a list of choices to choose. I put my plan in a little notebook for quick reference in times of doubt. It is a good to talk everyone in house to include their favorites in meal planning. They will feel involved in decision making process. The money saved by meal planning will keep some change in your pocket.


Natural Cough Remedy

 Companies sell everything for the common cold. A quick way to relieve the symptoms but never quite killing the cold completely. I know a cold is a cold. A home remedy is my first and only thought in treating my children for cold. We have everything at fingertips in our kitchen to help with a cold.  A few helpful remedies go a long way.

Honey Lemon Garlic Tea


2-3 Lemons

3    Cloves of garlic

1/2 cup Raw Honey

2 tsps. ground ginger


Bring one cup of water to a boil on stove

Slice and remove seeds from lemon

Add lemon and garlic to pot

Pour in 1/2 cup of raw honey

Add 2 tsps. of ground ginger

Put on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes

Let cool for 10 minutes

Pour into jar with lid in refrigerator

Drink as tea for cold when needed