Bedtime stories

Books are beautiful thing to see. Is it the smell of the page or the feel on the fingertips as the pages turn? words and phrases carrying your imagination far and near. Reading to my daughter has become the highlight of my day. You put a light in their lives from the realities of the day. The time is precious and fleeting and these moment are treasures.


The debt vulture

As consumers, we subsequently are being overwhelmed by a debt society. The I want it now syndrome has created this problem. I say their is an exit strategy to evade this situation. Saving money and learning how your money can work for you. It’s the key to financial freedom. Currently, the hunt for  a new car has been daunting at best. First words you hear are credit check or maybe Co-signer. Asking someone to Co-sign is like telling someone to jump off a cliff with you. Reality check, if you can’t afford it why buy it. Save for it and have the cash to pay for it. It is the choice decision to make in this financial environment of debt vultures waiting to pick away at your finances.

The power of forgiveness

The carrying of grudges diminishes us in every way. It is not emotionally or physically healthy. Pain and hurt are a heavy burden will and benefit none. It breeds distrust. The limitations it puts on your life are immense. It is better to forgive and let go. This is not to say forget. There is a lesson in everything in life. It is a chance to move on past your pain and hurt. You can then progress to the next page in your life. Feel free to share if you think this is   beneficial.

Climate change is real

The environment is screaming at us to change our perception of life on the planet. You know the big blue ball we call home. We have to learn to share our resources and protect the natural world. It is incumbent upon us to do so. The babies and children are the inheritors of the mess we are creating. I ponder everyday the racism, injustice on a global scale, and the disease called greed.  I can hope it gets better but it takes work from all of us today. My dear Friend earth aka blue needs us to care. The concerted effort taken is step in the right direction.

Drowning in Tech

We live in a world being smothered by tech. I look around my room and I am surrounded by it. I see a laptop, smartphone, game system, and tablet. It can be an overwhelming experience. You have to disconnect and unplug sometime. Technology is ever evolving our communications, agriculture, and our interaction as people. Where is the balance in all this change? It is no longer a question of why off grid living is so appealing. You get a chance to breath and talk to nature without distraction.It creates a peaceful state of mind. All I can is one day I will be the one surrounded by nature’s beauty fully disconnected.