Children in the Kitchen

A child who shows interest in a sport or other activities should be encouraged to do it. The limits children have are placed on them by us. Rules and structure are a necessity for children but never use it to suppress their potential and creativity. I have  seen a recent interest of my youngest to cook. She loves to watch her dad cook in the kitchen. We have purchased utensils for her to help in the kitchen. Cooking for children is a creative process and helps develop certain math skills. She is interesting in becoming a chef. It is my intention to encourage her in this goal. I have always given her choices in food due to her being a child with multiple food allergies. she has made some creative food recipes with help from dad and mom. It is never a dull moment with this one in the kitchen. Her love of food is sometimes bigger than her stomach but keeping fruit and veggies in house. It helps balance things out.


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