A few words

We pass through the day without a thought of the future. The earth is able is to sustain us all. It is greed and materialism affecting us, today. We stand at a pivotal point in time. Consuming and exasperating resources to what end. You cut down a tree. Why not plant one to replace it? I have seen news about animals in suburbia. It brings the question. Are they in our backyard or are we trespassing in theirs? The sun and wind are viable energy sources to power our homes and vehicles. I wonder when the last tree is cut down and we are paying for oxygen to breath like we pay for gas, water, and electricity.

We have to stop and look at the beauty of nature around us. It maybe good to take a break from our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. exploring the amazing places in this world. The beauty of creation should not be a story. Our children tell our grandchildren. Asking questions without answers. It will be a sad world without a tree, a rose, or birds singing. We stand at a crossroads. The path taken depends on each and everyone of us.





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