You Kitchen Can Be Your Pharmacy

 A home remedy is always best in my mind. The ingredients are easy to acquire and can be found in your kitchen. We live in a time of a pharmacy in almost every neighborhood.  Big companies produce a pill for a multitude of ailment. The side effects of their medications are scary and ingredient sources unknown.

Catnip is good for stress relief, anxiety, migraines, and helps with insomnia. I know you thought catnip was just for cats. Hey, you learn something new everyday.  Catnip tea is easy to make and taste amazing to me.

Catnip Tea

1-2 tsp of dried catnip in a cup,  pour hot water (not boiling hot)  in cup, and cover for 10-15 minutes. You sweeten with honey and lemon. You can get catnip from a health food  shop. Drink up to your health!! ( Avoid catnip if you are pregnant or Breastfeeding)


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