Table Talk

Fast, easy, and quick are not a descriptions of real food. I remember my mom making biscuits from scratch.  She would chop up onions and make the gravy. The aroma from the kitchen had you ready to eat. I was not a big fan of Liver but with gravy and rice. Plus, the homemade biscuits, It brought the plate together. The gravy had to cover the liver. We ate at the table together two or three times in the week. Home cooking holds a special place in my heart to this day. It brings some happy memories for me.  Cooking for me  is a relaxing time to spend with my daughter and son. We make chop, slice, dice, and laugh. My childhood and children influence my passion for meals made simple and with love.

  In the kitchen cabinet, you will rarely find a can food or prepackaged meal from the freezer or from a box. It is a budget saver too in the long run.  I appreciate the flavors and taste without the added food coloring, preservatives, and other additives. It feels good knowing what is in my food and on my plate. For instance, I recommend a recipe  by the Pioneer Woman. It is called Chipotle Chicken Chili . The website for the recipe is  Http://  We made it two weeks ago and it lasted only day. I have to get a bigger pot for next time.


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